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G & G Heating & Air Conditioning provides 24 hour emergency service for all your HVAC needs.


Residential and Commercial HVAC Service in Austin, MN

Maintain comfort and convenience with the HVAC technicians of G & G Heating & Air Conditioning. Our Austin, MN, company provides you and your neighbors with year-round temperature control you can rely on. Get superior service, fast, when you turn to G & G Heating & Air Conditioning.
We have over 55 years of experience in the field and stay up to date with heating and cooling industry developments; whatever your system, our qualified technicians can fix anything and solve any problem you have with your climate control equipment.


Don't let cold creep into your home! Call G & G Heating & Air Conditioning, the Austin heating experts. Our knowledgeable technicians will assess any problem with your system and inform you of the best, most affordable and most effective means of keeping your home warm.

Cooling and A/C

We work with you to keep your air conditioning system in repair and working well. Ask us about new system installations if your AC breaks down or if you're interested in the latest, energy-saving cooling options. Take part in our excellent maintenance program to prevent problems before they start.

G & G Heating & Air Conditioning has you covered, whether you're a homeowner looking for an efficient way to heat your home or a business owner looking for an affordable ventilation system.
Comfortmaker Air Conditioner - HVAC Services in Austin, MN


Extend the life of your comfort systems with seasonal checkups and our maintenance program. Regular service keeps your HVAC systems working reliably for years to come, saving you money by helping to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Give us a call to see how we can keep your systems running smoothly.

Don't take the chance of your air conditioner going out during the warm summer months or losing your heat when you need it most. Rely on our technicians to keep you comfortable. Call (507) 433-9076 today.